It is difficult to pour clean water into the glass when there is nowhere to draw it from. In the past European Union period, the institution's murky well of water in solving essential issues concerning nationalities contributed to the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war. A demonstrable reason is the incomprehensible avoidance of solving minority rights - writes László Csizmadia, president of CÖF-CÖKA, in his blog post.

The current law on citizens' initiatives repels legitimate demands for autonomy related to nationalities like an armored wall. At the same time, it provides an open space for forced assimilation. It was not by chance that we reached the point that the I. and II. Post-World War II peace treaties accepted by the victors can cause civil wars or even world wars at any time.

The Russians in World War II they were co-winners of World War II. They became a nuclear power while the Western powers turned a blind eye.

The current bureaucracy of the European Union, an institution abounding in corruption and prosperity, has failed to resolve the problem of national minorities, even though it should have been tasked. It is also due to this that when the guns rang out, he shrunk to a minor role. It is increasingly visible that Ukraine has become a prisoner of the will of the USA and Russia.

Now we are at the point where the fuse of the nuclear war is in the hands of the two of them.

The newly emerging European institutional system can no longer assist the bloodbath to continue on its territory.

The interests of the member countries differ from the USA's position based on the military economy that strengthens the economy. The 11 million Russians living in Ukraine make up the population of a medium-sized European country. Russia justified its attack on Ukraine by saying that the persecution and deprivation of rights of the Russian nationality there had reached an intolerable level. Attempts at diplomacy failed, who knows why.

Hungary has also encountered this problem many times.

Question: is Russian aggression acceptable? We can say no without thinking! There is also another important question, how can nationalities be protected if Ukraine does not want to change its policy of violent assimilation? The proxy war of the USA cannot settle the conflict between the two countries on its own without a ceasefire and without peace negotiations. On the other hand, for lasting peace, it is necessary for the countries of Europe to increase their own allied forces and adjust them to the basic agreement of NATO that provides defensive protection.

A strong alliance of European Union member states can settle the chess game between the USA and Russia by closing the board.

In the current situation, the people of Ukraine are paying the price of the war. In essence, the USA was able to form its economic interest system by lending to Ukraine. The financial elite controlling Joe Biden can fight the war for at least 50 years. The Russians and the USA will probably solve this war on a win-win basis. Ukraine will become a member of the European Union, but it will lose its territory.

Finally, returning to the election of EU representatives, the reasonable alliance of the right can dispel the war atmosphere by excluding double standards and guaranteeing minority rights. Member countries can focus on protecting sovereign Europe and economic competition between continents. We can represent the bridge built on strong piles between the West and the East by respecting the people's majesty.

László Csizmadia
is the president of CÖF-CÖKA