György Bánffy, one of the most prominent figures on the stages of Hungary, can rightly be called the iconic figure of Hungarian theater. His life and work, which we lost more than ten years ago, left deep traces in the hearts of all of us.

György Bánffy, whose original name was György Hunyadi-Buzás, was born on June 19, 1927 in Budapest and dedicated his whole life to art. György Bánffy was one of the most versatile figures in the colorful palette of acting. Kossuth and Jászai Mari award-winning Hungarian actor, meritorious and excellent artist titles, recognizing his outstanding talent and contribution in the field of acting. Thanks to her maternal talent, she was the daughter of actress Klára Pápay, who also excelled in the profession.

Following the example of his mother, György Bánffy chose the world of theater, and his talent was recognized at a young age. He first worked between 1945 and 1949 as a private official and cinema plant manager, then in 1949 he joined the film factory's group of actors. He perfected his talent as a student at the College of Theater and Film, and then successfully completed his training in 1950.

After that, he played in a number of major theaters, including the National Theatre, the State Puppet Theater and the Capital Operetta Theater.

After the suppression of the 1956 revolution, he suffered a disadvantage due to his role in it. Between 1985–1994 he worked as a member of the National Assembly, between 1990–1994 in the MDF faction, between 1985–1990 the culture committee, in 1989–90 the social security committee, and as a member of the family protection subcommittee of the social and health committee. In 1989–90, he was the leader of the parliamentary group of the Opposition Democrats, and between 1990–1994 he was a member of the culture, education, science, sports, TV and press committee. Between 1990 and 1995, he was president of the National Association of Hungarian Hunters, and from 1990 of the Association of Mother Tongue Nurses.

In 2006, Budapest XIII. district, in 2007 Budapest II. elected him honorary citizen of his district.

He died tragically suddenly on September 3, 2010, in Corfu. He was buried in the Farkasrét cemetery on September 22. He was a dramatic actor.

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