Kurultaj 2024


The programs of the Kurultaj Hungarian Tribal Assembly holiday can be visited free of charge between August 9 and 11, 2024.

The Hungarian Turan Association, launched by the Magyar Turán Foundation, will organize the Kurultaj - Hungarian Tribal Gathering in Bugac in 2024, between August 9 and 11, which is the largest tradition-preserving holiday in the Carpathian Basin, and also the largest of the Hun and Turkic peoples. world meeting.

The 2024 Kurultaj awaits visitors interested in the ancient Hungarian past and the culture of our Turanian relatives with new program elements and large-scale new scientific exhibitions.

The Kurultaj commemorates Hungarian ancestors and great figures of Hungarian history, and has become a link that can unite all Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin. The holiday is also a large tribal gathering and a cultural meeting of eastern peoples related to the Hungarians due to their affinity with the horse-nomadic peoples of the steppes. More than 25 related nations will be present at the three-day Kurultaj, and more than 50 programs will be organized where representatives of the Hun-Turkic peoples will give a taste of their culture. At the invitation of the Turan Association, more than a hundred teams come to Bugac, where the traditionalists of Transylvania, Transcarpathia, the Highlands and the South are also represented.

The ceremony will include a traditional army review, combat demonstrations, equestrian competitions and equestrian competitions, archery programs, exhibitions presenting the Hungarian-Hun-Avar heritage, and folk music programs. A huge yurt camp is being built, craft demonstrations, a craft fair, children's programs and scientific informative presentations will raise the festive atmosphere.

The programs of the holiday of the Kurultaj Hungarian Tribal Assembly can be visited free of charge. We warmly welcome the audience interested in the traditions and culture of our ancient Hungarian and Turanian relatives.

Further information can be read continuously on the official website: kurultaj.hu and on our official Facebook page: Kurultaj-Hungarian Tribal Assembly (community) http://www.facebook.com/kurultaj

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