Dr. László Csizmadia, the president of CÖF-CÖKA, announced at the organization's press conference on April 16, 2024 that the CÖF NGO-Locator will be created in connection with the Átlátszó.hu project called "Ki-Mit-Tud" at the suggestion of intellectual national defenders.

According to the website of Átlátszó.hu, 24,498 data requests were made and received. All of this comes from 5,492 data controllers, most of whom are involved in the operation of the state. It is a matter of fact that in many cases, requesting the data from the affected parties requires a serious effort, distracting them from their daily work, and it is also established that all this is not cheap fun for the tax-paying citizens either.

We dispute the effectiveness of data requests and find that they mostly serve the interests of opposition parties.

We will ask Átlátszó how many criminal proceedings have been won in the courts as a direct or indirect result of their work, since in our opinion, tens of thousands of data requests are a waste of public money, especially if their effectiveness is disproportionate.

Supported by the Open Society Institute linked to George Soros

The activities of the "Ki-Mit-Tud" project are very similar to the 3/3 case department before the 90s.

The organization also announces that the acquired data will be made available for browsing by anyone, so they can even serve foreign interests.

Foreign currencies, which provide a wide scope for so-called investigative work, arouse suspicion and raise the possibility of our country's sovereignty being violated. We do not dispute that data of public interest do not need to be hidden, but we state that their open transfer to foreign interests may call into question the verifiability. That is why, respecting the rules of democracy and the rule of law, we see it as justified to question, evaluate and comment on the so-called independence of NGOs funded from abroad, relying on the ideas and support of our intellectual patriots. Our work can in no way be taken as an attack, but according to our convictions

the NGO-Lokátor can guard and protect the interests of our country.

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Dr. Máté Tordai, the specialist coordinator of CÖF-CÖKA , explained that the civil expert working group of CÖF continued its work aimed at examining and uncovering the financial conditions of foreign-financed organizations operating in our country, as well as the possible foreign interests behind them, in order to properly inform civil society.

In this context

the answers received by CÖF-CÖKA to questions of public interest previously sent to Átlátszó were evaluated,

in which, among other things, Álátszó admitted that, as part of cooperation, it does indeed hand over information related to its activities to international civil and other organizations, and they also indicated that they plan to cover part of their investigative work with funds coming from abroad this year as well.

After the Átlátszó, the civil expert working group of CÖF also examined the operation of K-Monitor.

The organization's 2021 and 2022 financial reports show that foreign organizations linked to the international left and György Soros have awarded more than a quarter of a billion HUF in support to the K-Monitor Non-profit Association in recent years. It is also clear from the additional data that

in 2022, the organization continued its activities in more than 72% - i.e. about 3/4ths - of funds coming from abroad.

The fact of networking is confirmed by the fact that K-Monitor's supporters include several international organizations that also appear as foreign donors of Átlástzó.

The former clearly raise additional questions regarding national sovereignty, so we will continue the activities we have started.

In this regard, Dr. Zoltán Lomnici Jr., CÖF-CÖKA spokesperson , explained that

the next task of the working group will be the detailed exploration of the activities of the international organization called Globsec.

We believe that the work of the organization marked by the name of the former Socialist Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai also raises issues of sovereignty protection from Hungary's point of view, especially in the aspect that this organization is also extremely closely related to Action for Democracy, which took a leading role in the 2022 campaign financing scandal of the Hungarian left. can be connected with the National Endowment for Democracy, an American foundation close to the CIA.

One of the latest news regarding Globsec is that they withdrew from Slovakia because they deemed that they did not want to operate in a country where a sovereign government operates, which also wants to expose the work of NGOs serving foreign interests.

The person of Gordon Bajnai and his connection to Globsec also raises special questions regarding Datadat,

since the organization is known to have handled the data of Hungarian people in connection with the so-called rolling dollars scandal. In this regard, it should be clarified whether there is a guarantee that certain data (e.g. personal data of Hungarian people) cannot reach international organizations with extensive secret service connections.

According to CÖF-CÖKA, the presence of spy organizations in civilian clothes in Hungary and the region is at least as big a scandal as spy software.

The problem of this is not only a secret service issue, but also a civilian issue, since organizations that identify themselves as civilians actually carry out pure espionage activities in our country and cooperate with foreign intelligence services. That is why, according to our conviction, the sovereign civil organization has the duty and task to deal with this phenomenon.

Photo: Civilek.info