To NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg's statement the other day that Ukraine's NATO membership is welcomed by all member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also reacted strangely with the telling "what?" with a question - said Robert Fico, the former prime minister of Slovakia several times, who added that the NATO Secretary General did not have the authority to make such a statement from Slovakia's side either, since Ukraine's NATO membership is not a guarantee of peace, but of the Third World War.

Robert Fico , the president of the strongest opposition party in the Slovak parliament, Irány (Smer-SD), former multiple prime minister, explained in a video posted on Facebook on Friday: the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, spoke first, the telling "what ? " responding with a question.

Fico added that "Stoltenberg also said something on behalf of Hungary, but no one discussed this with Hungary".

The Slovak politician noted: There was no discourse in Slovakia related to Ukraine's NATO membership, and this could not have taken place, since

the current Bratislava government failed in a parliamentary vote of confidence in December, and as an executive cabinet, according to the constitution, it does not have the right to make decisions on important foreign policy issues either.

"But Stoltenberg, knowing the servile character of Eduard Heger and Zuzana Čaputová stressed Robert Fico.

He added: since the Slovak head of government and head of state "as usual, embarrassingly does not react and agrees", they (Smer-SD) say that if they are part of the future government, they will never agree with Ukraine's NATO membership.

"Fortunately, for Ukraine to join NATO, we also need our consent, so we will use our right of veto," stated Robert Fico. He stated that their position on the issue has been clear for a long time, according to which

Ukraine's NATO membership is not a guarantee of security and peace, but of the Third World War.

"Thank you, we are not asking for that," added Fico.

A few months before the early parliamentary elections due in September in Slovakia, Robert Fico's party is usually measured by public opinion polls as having the most support. The Slovak politician was the longest-serving head of government in the country's history.

Source: Felvidé

(Header image: MTI/EPA/Martin Divisek )