Hungarian citizens have experienced many things. They are not surprised at what happened to them. They learned to respond and to follow the daily events with actions.

The task of the CÖF-CÖKA's intellectual patriot team, which deals with social and economic policy, is to preserve the cornerstone of real democracy, i.e. to follow the principle of the sovereignty of the people.

The situation is fortunate when the will of two-thirds of the majority can be enforced. It is also an opportunity to consider minority opinions, and if this is compatible with responsible governance, it can be accepted.

In our country, the FIDESZ-KDNP chose this path, so it can maintain the long-term trust of the voters. The reigning government acts purposefully, prioritizing the interests of all Hungarians. It treats as a priority the primacy of work society, which is based on full employment.

The secret of the government's success is that, following the interests of the homeland, it considers reactions for party ideological power as secondary.

It cannot happen that we do not defend the well-established traditions of Christian, national and at the same time progressive conservatism, if necessary, to the hilt.

How long a government elected on the basis of the people's sovereignty will be in power today seems to depend on whether our opponents' mine work is successful or not.

It is clear that our reigning government serves on several fronts. Thus, in the field of preserving and improving economic results, along the lines of suppressing the desire for power of the domestic opposition. These two fronts are based on objectivity, they can be taken into account for everyone. There is also a third front, where the domestic opposition, abandoning the interests of Hungarians, recruits accomplices for its coup attempts. On this front, we are experiencing phenomena similar to the Cold War. Daily events prove that the current leadership of the USA, together with EU bureaucrats, cannot tolerate national sovereignty and subsidiarity, which are organically linked to democracy.

In the European Parliament, couriers are selling our continent on mats. They made the EP a hotbed of corruption, and who knows what kind of institution it is connected to. They abuse the fact that no one can control the "night watchmen". Selling Europe's sovereignty as a commodity includes the operation of the USA's federal power, and for this, sane European citizens must be intimidated. With methods such as political interference in elections, whether with money or iron. See pro-war, or the withholding of money owed to the Polish-Hungarian people.

The purchased pseudo-civilian NGOs and media are multiplying like chaff, and their extremely corrupt employees are spreading the lies.

The parliamentary, EU parliamentary and local government elections offer voters the opportunity to assert their will by adhering to the principle of popular sovereignty.

With a referendum, we can declare that traditional European culture is not for sale and that our continent cannot be colonized.

With this, we can put an end to the people-trafficking business, and stop the exchange of our native population with millions of illegal immigrants. It is the job of the population and voters of Europe to prevent the imperialist ideas of the financial powers behind the current US government towards our homelands!

Let's do this until the right to choose is ours!


László Csizmadia is the chairman of the CÖF-CÖKA board of trustees