Since the President of our Republic is also negotiating with the President of Ukraine, it is worth getting to know him a little more closely, this might help in dealing with negotiations with him in a properly proportionate manner, avoiding too violent, but also too lenient lines.

Volodymyr Zelenskyi, the president of war-torn Ukraine who always appears in military clothes, is a patriot, he defends his country with all his heart and strength - there is no doubt about it, this is not acting, although we are originally talking about an actor. But who really is Zelensky? And overall, does he do his country any good beyond justifiably and understandably fighting for Ukraine, and even for Ukraine's victory against the invading Russia?

Since 2012, Zelensky - who raised the fight against corruption as his banner in the 2019 campaign - has joined a network of offshore companies registered in Cyprus, Belize and the British Virgin Islands. In addition, he became a member of the so-called Maltex company, through which they moved millions of dollars and - to put it mildly - were not always blameless before the tax authorities. Two weeks before the presidential election, Maltex's ownership changed, the shares - including Zelensky's - were transferred to an entrepreneur named Serhiy Sefir.

But even more important than these is a person in Zelenskyi's life who was, as it were, his sponsor for many years, and perhaps still is today. It's nothing but

About Ihor Kolomoiskyi, the oligarch not exactly known for his respect for the law, who was among the hundred richest in Ukraine in 2019. He owned the TV channel 1+1, which aired a series called The Servant of the People years earlier, the main character of which was Zelensky, who turned from teacher to president due to a series of coincidences, full of benevolence, who deals with the criminal oligarchs who rule Ukraine.

In 2016, a film with the same title was made, and lo and behold, in 2017, Zelensky created a party with the same name, and it is believed that this specific sponsor and supporter provided the financial background. This is how Zelensky started the 2019 presidential election campaign, and as we well know, he was successful, he has been the president of Ukraine for four years now.

And how popular did the president become even before the outbreak of the war? No matter how much. In May 2020, the liberal newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung also reported that Zelensky did not keep his promises, corruption remained, and the rule of the oligarchs remained. In February 2021, his activities were characterized by falling popularity and bad press coverage.

Yes, but, but

From February 2022, from the outbreak of the war, from the aggressive action of Russia, everything changed. Zelensky suddenly became popular in the Western media. He suddenly became a hero, performing and speaking everywhere, including before the World Economic Forum (WEF), which can be called the flagship of the globalists, led by Klaus Schwab. Not to mention the fact that Time Magazine chose him as the person of the year in 2022.

He recently received the Károly Prize in Aachen, the first recipient of which in 1950 was Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, a great supporter of mixed-race and super-federal Pan-Europe (and also a Freemason).

It is worth saying a few words about the key figure, Kolomoisky. In addition to 1+1, which "invented" Zelenskyi, he owned the Ukrainian PrivatBank, but the bank was later nationalized before it went bankrupt. In addition, he founded the Privat group, which expropriated a significant part of the Ukrainian steel, oil, chemical, food and energy industries. In fact, he financed the establishment of the Azov Group in 2014. We should know about this loyal man Zelensky that in 2020 the International Center for Corruption and Organized Crime Studies chose him as one of the four most corrupt public officials of the year. And gratitude is not a political category. Zelensky, in order to favor President Joe Biden, cuts out Kolomoisky, to whom he owes almost everything.

After that, let's see what Zelensky did for democracy after the war broke out.

Already in February 2022, he banned all media that could be considered oppositional, maybe that's why he received the "Media Freedom Award" in Germany in April 2022? In March 2022, it banned the largest opposition parliamentary party and other parties as well. And in December 2022, he dissolved the Kyiv District Court because it handed down sentences that were not suitable for him.

After that, a very important question: what has Zelensky done, what is he doing to ensure that Ukraine, despite successfully fighting the war, remains a sovereign country and is not a vulnerable puppet of the United States and global financial centers, including the WEF?

The answer is not very encouraging. On December 18, 2022, Zelensky agreed with Larry Fink, the chairman of the world's largest asset manager, BlackRock, who is also a member of the WEF board, that BlackRock - as a strategic partner of the WEF - will coordinate the activities of international investors for the economic "rescue" of Ukraine in order to Since then, BlackRock has been hastily working on a comprehensive project to prepare for the country's post-war reconstruction.

All this must be very reassuring for all Ukrainians, but what does this really mean for Ukraine? For now, that's it

Zelenskyi has already privatized the majority of state-owned companies for large Western companies, only a few hundred (!) of the approximately 3,700 state-owned companies remain in state ownership. This can certainly remind us of the Hungarian "reconstruction" during and after the regime change based on the Washington Consensus of 1989 - deregulation, liberalization, privatization - during which the Antall government, and especially the Horn government, outsourced almost all important national companies of strategic importance to foreigners. into his hands, who then either collapsed or bankrupted these companies.

Adding to this - the Hungarian example also comes to mind - is that the agricultural sector was and is being divided between foreign companies, ten giant companies now control 71 percent of Ukrainian agriculture, including companies such as the famous Cargill, DuPont (the latter French) and Monsanto. It is 17 million hectares, which is as much as the entire agricultural area of ​​Italy. We can say that in exchange for arms deliveries, American companies can buy up Ukrainian companies and assets practically without limits.

At the end of last year, Zelenskiy spoke about the fact that so far about five hundred billion dollars should be spent on reconstruction. Who gives the money for this? The global investors, who have of course already been present in Ukraine, are the United States, EU funds, György Soros, as well as BlackRock connected to the WEF and, of course, other global players. Nice team, this war is worth it to them, because the longer it lasts, the more they put their hands on this country,

which is abundant in energy, agricultural and other resources. It's a total business that they still want to continue.

And something else we need to talk about as well. With Zelensky's consent, Ukraine (perhaps due to the "influence" of the WEF and BlackRock) is starting to become a great follower, server, and even testing ground for Klaus Schwab's world-transforming Great Reset, which created liberal neo-communism - something we pay less attention to, even though we really should. Ukraine has become a big believer in three things, which are fundamentally important goals for Klaus Schwab and, of course, Soros, Bill Gates, the WHO led by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and the global financial elite. These are: a digital ID (personal identification) for all citizens of the entire world, a global currency at the world level, and the universal basic income, when you will have nothing, you will not have to work for anything, but you will feel damn good in the nothingness around you.

So Volodymyr Zelensky is a great fighter, he is trying to win this war against Russia to the last, and moreover he has the moral superiority, since they were attacked and not the other way around. However

Zelenskyi - who was supported by dubious figures from the beginning - is leaving his country at the mercy of the great powers (USA) and global (WEF and others) circles in the hope of an almost hopeless victory. And they cruelly abuse this and simply buy it up, twisting this country that deserves a better fate out of itself.

Even if there was a victory (there won't be!), Ukraine would still wake up to the fact that it was cheated out of everything and came under the control of others.

Zelensky - of course he doesn't know it, but if he does, it's even worse - is a puppet of the global elite.

Source: Hungarian Nation

Front page image: The photo published by the Ukrainian presidential press service shows Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi (b) and a soldier kneeling in front of the flag of a squad during the commemoration held on the occasion of the first anniversary of the start of the war against Ukraine in Kyiv on February 24, 2023. (Photo: MTI/AP/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service)