Former Minister of Justice Judit Varga was the latest guest of Frisbi TV. The entire episode will be shown on Frisbi TV's YouTube channel from 8 pm on Wednesday.

Former Justice Minister Judit Varga gave an exclusive interview to Péter Hajdú, in which she talked about her relationship with Péter Magyar.

He constantly tried to keep me in check by standing in front of my car, by placing trash cans in front of the car, by sitting in the back seat of my car when I wanted to drive away, by taking my bag, by locking me in a room

he told me. He added that he constantly had to worry about Péter Magyar's mood.

Péter Hajdú asked Judit Varga what she was afraid of.

That he won't stop this abuse. Peter came out of the room, went to the kitchen, took out a knife and started walking around the house with the knife in his hand

- He told.

When I went back to him in May 2021 and the terror started again, I told him almost every two weeks that Péter, I am really asking you to change, because once I cut you off from my soul, I will never want you, myself, or anyone again save him, then I just want to live, free, and I won't care what you blackmail me with, what you threaten me with

he added in a hushed voice.

That particular audio recording

As we wrote, Péter Magyar was questioned again on Tuesday morning by the Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office, after his hearing on Wednesday, he claimed, among other things, that Antal Rogán and/or Antal Rogán's people entered the prosecutor's office and manipulated, rewrote and changed the Schadl-Völner case prosecution documents. To prove this, he promised an audio recording, which he made public on his social media page at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

The Central Investigative Prosecutor General's Office responded to the publicized audio recording in a statement, stating that "the statement in the audio recording is correct, according to Dr. Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt does not dominate the prosecution. The chief prosecutor leads and manages the Prosecutor's Office of Hungary, where the rule of law prevails".

Magyar recorded the audio recording in January of last year in their shared home with Judit Varga. After the hearing, Péter Magyar held a press conference and called a demonstration for Tuesday evening in Markó Street, in front of the General Prosecutor's Office building, from where they would march to Kossuth Square and demand the resignation of the government.

Expert Judit Varga's post: "We can see a textbook example of abuse described"

Judit Varga and Péter Magyar message each other on Facebook 

Former Minister of Justice Judit Varga also responded to the published audio recording on Tuesday morning on her social media page, describing in a long post how Péter Magyar "abused and blackmailed" her.

Her ex-husband - who in January 2023, published the audio recording made in their shared home at that time on his YouTube channel and on his Facebook page - did not leave his ex-wife's claims unanswered, sharing a post in which he denies that he abused Judith Varga, and told the former justice minister not to be afraid, because the truth will set you free.

After the resignation of President Katalin Novák and Judit Varga, the former head of the Student Loan Center first expressed messages critical of the government on his Facebook page, then in several interviews and at a demonstration he organized.

Judit Varga talked about her marriage with Péter Magyar in another post on Tuesday evening. According to the politician who retired from public life, Péter Magyar has no soul and heart and suffers from a severe narcissistic personality disorder.


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