The self-surrender and self-destruction of the Germans reached a new level. One billboard shows a young woman holding her uterus and inserting a surgical scalpel into it. "My bloodline will end with me," says the text of the poster.

The disgusting poster is not the action of a crazy person, but a joint campaign of the University of Greifswald and the city. In addition, they hired a well-known feminist artist for this horror for good money. It is not new that liberals directly glorify women who abort their children or have their fallopian tubes tied, saying that children only produce carbon monoxide and are harmful to the environment anyway, if they do it, the ozone hole is growing, and it costs a lot. And women who have lost their wombs should eat bugs, because they protect the planet even more. The brave new world of the Green Party and the Liberals.

Poster Germany

Source: Origo

It is interesting, however, that this is considered valid only for white women. I have never seen a similar poster anywhere in Turkish, Arabic, Farsi or Amharic. It would be worth a try though. It would be exciting to see the Arab migrants set fire to the posters first, then the town hall and maybe the graphic artist as well.

Although they might just beat them to death, because they are environmentally conscious and know that even a burning graphics card only increases the greenhouse effect.

He says that German women should not have children because that is bad, but on the other hand, the population of the country is decreasing and that is why we should let in migrants, without any kind of papers, education or language skills, because that is the cure for things.

It is completely logical that a Syrian migrant enriches multicultural Germany with nine children and two wives, and that little bigamy, i.e. polygamy, still fits in (of course, only if you are a migrant). If you are a German man, you can have a maximum of one wife, if you are a German woman, then stab yourself in the womb.

A European campaign and economic stimulus to ensure that Europe's population remains indigenous does not even cross the minds of Brussels politicians.

However, only the Hungarian model should be copied.

They help all terrorists and drug dealers, but they prefer to send a war message to conservative-minded young families expecting or intending to have a child with such posters.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Scholz speaks at press conferences about the need for even more migrants, since they pay for the Germans' pensions. I mean from what? From aid? From the 760 euros they get from our tax cents for doing nothing?

The government already sees its own voters as completely stupid and listens to their opinion. Ukraine and migration, nothing else matters to the liberal state leadership.

Multikulti also showed its true face over the weekend, when hundreds of Eritrean migrants fell for each other at the cultural festival. They spread the Eritrean folk traditions on the streets of Giessen with baseball bats, laths, and iron pipes. Two hundred detained migrants and 28 injured police officers crowned the event. It happened last year, it will happen again this year and next year in Giessen, but what else shows the beauty of immigration than the meeting of cultures...

However, if you don't like this, then you are a racist, fascist, homophobic, exclusionary animal.